Toni Milun

Toni Milun is a lecturer in mathematics at the University Department of Professional Studies in Zagreb. He graduated in 1999 at the Faculty of Science in Zagreb and became professor of mathematics and physics, and in 2012 he completed postgraduate specialist study of Statistical methods for economic analysis and forecasting at the Faculty of Economics. Currently he is enrolled in a doctoral program in business economics at the Faculty of Economics in Rijeka.

In his spare time, he enjoys swimming, athletics, yoga, meditation, fitness, reading books from different fields: mathematics, psychology, economics, education, etc.

In April 2011, based on the suggestion of his student Nicholas Mujdžići he launched a website containing free video  lectures in mathematics and statistics. There are currently more than 2000 published videos on the page and due to this project he was in 2012 awarded wiht the “Croatian Pride” award.

Toni Milun believes in miracles and says to all  young people: “Do not be afraid of failure and do not run for the money. If you deal with what you really love and constantly improve yourself, then the money will run after you.”

Problem or a challenge?

Monday, 10:45 - 11:15