Becoming agile will grant your organization resilience and possibly anti-fragility*

Bringing agility to an organizational level requires a set of new skills and practices to emerge. While we have plenty of example on how agility can impact teams performance, by adopting well proven practices, there is still a lot of uncertainty in what to bring to an organizational level. Inspecting and adapting as an organization requires different structures and a more strategic approach, if we want to maximize the learning effect. Chaotic and uncontrolled experimentation and local adaptations can rapidly tear an organization apart. Focus on value and customers are important to set a common direction, but to roll out a shared strategy we need a solid and coherent cultural context, or the strategy will fail. Explicitly measuring and designing culture is a key enabler towards agility and can provide incredible advantages to an organization development.

Understanding how to lead such change and enabling people to participate in creating rapid value, is the one thing that might save your company in the rough waters of today’s market… Are you ready for the challenge?

*The talk will be held in English.